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For the Best Price AND Same

Day Restringing


Over 100 models of racquets to test and buy

From new racquets to used racquets, you are guaranteed to find the perfect tennis racquet you’re in search of for the best price around! We carefully grade our inventory of used racquets to ensure you get exactly what you need out of it!


When you purchase a used racquet, our policy is to immediately reimburse the selling customer with store credit. If the used racquet does not meet your standards, you are welcome to send it back to be re-sold. You are responsible for setting the selling price.

Scale Condition


We’ve been providing you with superior equipment for over 40 years! Experience outstanding prices and quality when you choose us!


10 – A returned racquet that can be sold as new. Plastic hasn’t      

      been removed and the strings show no sign of use. No    

      marks on the racquet.

9  – Used once and could be sold as new. Very few micro  


8  – Minor scratches on the guard. Frame is in perfect  


7  – Minor scratches on the frame and guard.

6  – Scratches on the frame, but frame is still in good condition.

5  – Frame is starting to show wear on the graphite and around

      the guards.

You won’t find a better deal

From our affordable racquets to our exclusive demo program, you are guaranteed to experience total satisfaction when you choose us as your tennis racquet and accessories provider.


In need of a different type of racquet? We also carry a large selection of Squash, Racquetball and Badminton racquets and accessories. Stop by today to visit us!

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